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Women's Rings

There are many types of rings: gold ring, silver ring, large gold ring, a gemstone ring, fine ring, wedding ring, emerald ring, sapphire ring or a diamond ring. When choosing a gold ring you must take into account not only the design, but also the shape and length of the finger, as well as the skin tone.


Women with thin fingers should opt for delicate, minimalist rings, which do not stand out by size, but by the shade of gold or the beauty of inlaid precious stones. For those with more prominent fingers, rings with elongated shapes are perfect - they create the illusion of thinness and elongation. Women with short fingers should choose diamond rings with Marquise cut or teardrop shape. If you have prominent joints, you can opt for band-type rings, as wide as possible, possibly paved with diamonds. Also, oval or rectangular gemstones are preferable.


The measure is a detail that should not be overlooked, especially if you want a ring adorned with precious stones on the entire surface. Consult a jeweler or ask for the help of a specialist before purchasing. Discover the TWOAJ ring collection and choose one of the rings available online. We wrap your ring as a gift.

Wedding Rings
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